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Wooden Table

bespoke furniture design and production

Wooden Theme

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We specialise in bespoke furniture design and production. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality designs, finished products, and a professional and personalised service.




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Client Reviews

Ross is an extremely talented carpenter, the best I have ever work with in my

life. We wanted some unique pieces built for our custom designed restaurant JUA

in Bangkok.

We have had these pieces in the restaurant for five and a half years and every

piece has proven to be super durable as well as beautiful. If you look at any

venue photographs of our Instagram and Facebook pages you can see the

craftsmanship of the woodwork.

Chet Adkins

Owner/Chef, JUA Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

Me ha encantado el trabajo artesano de Ross. Su calidad y cariño se ven

perfectamente en la pieza.

Es un gran profesional. Es una suerte haber encontrado un carpintero artesano

para un trabajo tan personalizado como el que quería.

Sin duda volveré a llamarlo.

Muchas gracias!


I hired Ross to design and build a table for one of my clients, a high end restaurant in a

prestigious hotel in Bangkok ('The Loft', Waldorf Astoria Hotel). He was attentive to the

needs and preferences of the client, working with my team and the client to come up with a

high quality design.

Martin Hoontrakul (Martin Hoontrakul Design)

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